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ERROR Code 22

Following Navigate to Your Pump’s Home Screen and Turn Screen Off page of updater, I got ERROR Code 22. I called tech support, which walked me through the process again, and had it working after about 15 minutes, doing two things differently (both at my initiative). One or the other was probably the source of the problem. First, I used a direct USB connection to my computer rather than going through a hub (which like all hubs occasionally causes issues). Second, after pressing the home T button as directed I answered NO to the resume delivery dialog presented rather than directly going to step 2. The update then took only a very few minutes with my USB3 connection: the half hour estimated time must be for USB1. The updated ended by opening the Tandem website product training page, where I had to find the CGM video tutorial. Would be more helpful to go directly to the tutorial, or at least name it completely. The video tutorial, which they say takes about an hour, is extremely tedious--espeically if you’re already an experienced G5 CGM user. They promptly send email that contains a link to a printed manual, but I wasted time with the tutorial before noticing that. The product training page does not link the written instructions.


Just received the email that my daughter's pump could be upgraded to add G5 integration. App downloaded smoothly, update code (from the email) worked without a hitch, and pump updated successfully. Fifteen minutes (and a new cartridge of insulin) later, and we're receiving CGM data on the pump screen! THANK YOU for helping to make part of T1D a little bit easier!

The upater works, but...

Do not update your pump with it.

Keep Innovating Tandem

I have had the Tandem T:Slim X2 pump for two months now and have been waitng for this software updater to arrive. My X2 already had the new software installed but I cannot wait for the next update to bring Dexcom G5/G6 integration. Type Zero, here we come!

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